Sunday, 28 April 2013

Sweet Week

Well, there goes another busy week, another week of guiding complete. 

On Monday the Senior Section girls got crafty and created a range of bracelets for themselves. They were given a wide array of beads, wires, elastics, clips and other materials to create bracelets with, and there were some beautiful results, some lovely bead & chain mixtures. The girls put some real thought and effort into the activity and came out with some great pieces.
While they were occupied with this we were able to get on and complete the term plan. Again, some great activities were thought of, Volleyball on the beach, S/S girls v District Leaders rounders competition, clothes designing among many other things. Should be a great term with lots of outdoor activities in the sunshine . . . hopefully!

The Guides had a sugar filled evening on Thursday playing games, making sweet pizzas and slush puppies. It was a fun filled noisy evening and the girls certainly went home buzzing. . . One thing I noticed was that Dolly Mixtures are not popular! I personally love them, the girls however do not!

At the weekend I attended a Changing Sections & Safe Space Training day. This was for my Adult Leadership Qualification for Senior Section. A couple more things to do and this will be complete :) It was a good day and great to see a friendly face as the Senior Section trainer (my old Brown Owl :)) I also made a 'new friend' and hopefully a new contact. A lovely 'girl' who is taking over a Ranger Unit. Hopefully we will continue this contact and be able to swap ideas etc.

I have had a busy day updating my folder work for my Q.G award, things are coming together nicely and I'm happy with the development. As the regular readers will know, I have now taken on the role of Division PR Rep and was so happy to see that Pip McKerrow - Chief Commissioner for our region (LASER) is now following us :D Thanks Pip!!

I hope you are all having a great start to your summer terms.

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