Friday, 3 May 2013

A week of new skills

I am ashamed to say that before this week I did not know how to use a compass . . . Guide Leader for over 7 years, have been involved since I was born. . . that's quite an achievement to make it that far without learning how to do it.

Monday saw me taking my first steps in learning how to use what seemed to be a highly confusing piece of equipment, I've always managed to run in the opposite direction when the compass comes out, however on this occasion I had to man up and get on with it.
We took the Senior Section girls out, having split them into 2 groups and attaching a leader to one, we sent them off around the streets writing down directions, bearings and instructions for the other group to carry out once they had swapped.

So hear goes. . . I didn't realise how easy it was to read a compass and take a bearing. Hold the compass flat, the arrow will always point North, read the bearing off the small numbers around the edge - so simple!

The girls had a great time mapping out a route for the other group, sending them on a wild goose chase and carrying out random tasks, and most importantly they all learnt how to use a compass.
It was a lovely evening too with the sun shining brightly for us :)

On Thursday the Guides carried out a similar activity, instead of walking around the streets we took them up onto the Downs and walked a lovely route through fields and woodland and passed through a small village. Once again the sun shined brightly for us too. 
We split the girls into four groups, one leader to each group and set them off with a map and a compass having shown them how to set the compass and the route we were to take. They had a fantastic time, learning the different components on a map - different roads and symbols etc as well as learning how to take a bearing. 
At the end we had a nice hill to come down and of course the girls tackled it in style - pencil rolling it to the bottom! A brilliant way to end a great evening.

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