Sunday, 7 April 2013

A slight change in direction . . .

I come bearing a little bit of news for all you readers out there. . . I have officially taken up the role of Division PR person for the Seahaven division down here on the South East coast.

Due to my love of blogging and social media, it was felt that I would be suitable for the role - so it is with great honour I can now introduce myself as Division PR 'Guru'. This blog will no longer be just about the Guide and Senior Section units I volunteer with but I aim to also bring you some great stories from the division as a whole, from rainbows and brownies, to Guides and Senior Section. 

I am also using this role for the New Skills and development module for my Queens Guide Award . . . an exciting year lays ahead I hope :)

It would be great if you have Twitter if you could follow the division - @SeahavenDivisn :)


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