Friday, 1 March 2013


I gained my Adult Leadership Qualification once I'd turned 18. I'd spent 4 happy years as a Girl Guide at a brilliant unit on the South East coast and went on  to become a Young Leader and eventually a qualified Assistant Leader. I've been a Leader now for 8 years and feel like I'm really growing into it, taking on new challenges and learning new things. 
I also took it upon myself to achieve my Camp and Holiday Licence two years ago, and now to top it all off I have decided to start my Queens Guide Qualification with only 22 months to complete it in. (Expect some interesting articles as I take on that challenge).

The leadership team I am part of is great, we are like a little family, coming from various walks of life with a huge range of skills. But that's what makes a great leadership team right?

As I say I thoroughly enjoy what I do with each new Guide comes a new challenge. Each one has their own personality, their own level of abilities and their own vocal range - some incredibly higher than others. . . Each new lot bring a new phase to the unit and we are currently going through the One Direction and JLS phase at the moment. At every opportunity there will be I <3 Harry Styles or I <3 JLS scrawled across a craft, even if we are doing something unrelated, like traditional Indian hanging decorations...

I hope you enjoy this little insight into the world of a Guide Unit and its team, however no real names will ever be used and my name is not Doris Smith but that's all part of the fun and mystery :)

Enjoy x


  1. Hi Doris, or whatever your real name is! I've added you to the blogroll on my blog so you'll show up to people looking for Guiding blogs, if you add a blogroll to your blog at some point it would be great if you could include me!

    Best wishes

    Jen (really Jen!)

  2. Hi Jen,

    Thank you so much, I look forward to sitting down with a cup of tea and reading your blog :)
    I see you're a Brownie Leader, just wondered where in the country you are, no worries if you dont wish to reveal that information.

    Kind regards xx