Friday, 1 March 2013

Packing my life up for the weekend

So last night I frantically packed my life up ready for this terms sleepover starting tonight. One of the Leadership team is working towards her indoor camp licence and this is the big event. The theme for weekend is Masquerade Ball which I think is fantastic, something completely original and right up the girls street as they get to put a fancy dress on and have a party. For once we've even allowed hair straighteners to come with us!!
Although I have to say it did seem funny packing my fancy dress and a pair of heels into my Guiding rucksack that goes on all the camps, along with my camp blanket, sleeping bag and waterproofs!

Despite having a kit list I always manage to forget something and I'm pretty sure that I'm not alone in that. But this time round I was so confident I had packed everything, three checks of my kit list later, yep still convinced . . . but then . . . this morning I was having a conversation with my mum and suddenly 'PILLOW!' I yelled in her face. . . oops. How do you forget a pillow of all things, thankfully it wasn't too late and I was able to fling it on top of the growing mountain sitting in my hallway ready to go. How is it possible that you need so much stuff for a couple of nights away I'll never understand. 

So here's to a great weekend away with a big group of Girl Guides and here's to a couple of uncomfortable nights sleep on the floor and good luck to she who is doing her licence, it'll all be grand. 

See you on the other side. . . 

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