Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Busy times!

So weather has been playing havoc with everything recently. On a Monday I also help with the running of the Senior Section unit. Last week we had it planned that the girls were going to learn to make sugar paste roses and decorate cupcakes with piping bags, with someone coming in to teach them the technique. However thanks to the snow it got cancelled and I soon found myself with 60 freshly made cupcakes on my hands and a very full freezer. . . 
With some careful rearranging however we managed to squeeze them in and save them for this week... shame could have quite happily munched my way through them. 
I had however picked something to do with them that I didn't know how to do, so the only sensible option was to learn how to make sugar paste roses myself, they taste good too! Following a YouTube video I quickly picked it up, and once you've done one you've definitely got the hang of it - the senior section girls will be fine. Here's our attempt - 
So of course Monday came this week and it was time for the cake decorating showdown. There were the usual grumbles when we showed them what they were doing when the realisation hit that they were to do something that would take a bit of concentration, but again once they'd done one and realised that it wasn't that bad they soon got into the swing of it and enjoyed themselves. They were able to get a bit messy too when it came to mixing up the buttercream icing - some great icing sugar clouds, and as each of them had a different nozzle on their piping bags, all their cakes had their own personal twist to them. Of course their finished pieces put ours to shame - there were some fantastic cakes at the end - they almost looked too good to eat . . . almost. Here are some fantastic examples - 

Over the weekend the Senior Section girls also completed a 10 mile walk for comic relief in a onesie. Unfortunately the heavens opened and the half way point we had some miserable drowned onesie walkers - waterproofs on under onesies! But the girls did brilliantly and everyone completed it in approximatly 4 hours. The team was made up of 11 s/s girls, 3 friends, 1 parent, 1 8 year old and 2 dogs. There were a few little perks along the way, lots of motivating toots from passing cars, fresh hot donuts at the Pier and bumping into David Walliams - many thanks for the donation - a perfect photo opportunity and some very happy girls. Below you can see a couple of photos from the walk, to protect the girls privacy I've had to black out their faces, but you get the idea. 

At Guides last week we took the girls out for a night walk over the track to the next town - a nice brisk 1.5 hour walk on the cool night air. Thankfully it wasn't raining or even snowing, it was a nice still evening, if slightly chilly - but with plenty of layers on we were all fine. Wellies and torches at the ready we set off. The girls all seemed to have a good time walking through the puddles, using the torches to guide their way. All in all a successful walk.

What excitement will this week bring . . . 


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