Wednesday, 27 March 2013

The Easter Holidays Are Approaching!

As the Easter Holidays loom towards us I can't believe what a crazy term it's been. So much seems to have happened in only a couple of months. At our unit babies have been born, Indoor Camp Licences and Adult Leadership Qualifications have been achieved, another Thinking Day flies by and we've seen 5 more young Guides make their promise with us. 
Last week at Guides we had a games evening with the usual suspects, Wink Murder and the Key Game (Where they sit in a circle, one person on a chair blindfolded in the middle, with a set of keys underneath and some one has to creep around the outside to collect the keys without being caught)before we settled them down to find out what they wanted to do next term, and for them to go through our existing unit guidelines and see whether there was anything they wanted to change or add about them. 

At Senior Section this week, the girls also sat down and planned their spring term. There were some really interesting results in there. Things like silent discos, hot air balloons and many more adventurous activities. It was also nice to see my old Brown Owl who popped in for a brief visit with a box of biscuits. Anyone who brings food to me is always in my good books :)
We also tallied up the sponsor money for our onesie walk and, despite it not all being collected in yet, we are estimating that the total sponsor money is to be over a whopping £600!!!!! What a great result from everyone who took part there, well done girls :)

This week at Guides we have a person coming in to teach the girls Kickboxing . . .this should make for a very interesting evening. It's something completely different for the girls to try so it should be great!

As I mentioned in previous posts I am taking on the challenge of the Queens Guide Award before I get too old. I am just in the process of filling in my application form to attend Innovate in Cardiff for a weekend in September, and I am possibly taking on a new role in the Division which I am contemplating using for my 'take on a new challenge for 12 months' module. So watch this space. . . 

So that's it for this term unfortunately, but the girls will be back in a couple of weeks with more tales to tell. I hope you all have a great Easter Break. xx

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