Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Just a quick catch up . . .

So Guides has stopped for the summer, a while ago now . . .  On our last evening we took the girls for a walk along the seafront, stopped for some chips and then walked back. It was a lovely evening in the glorious sunshine. This was the first time in 4 years we were able to do it in the dry, let alone with full sun! Due to us being located on the south coast, it is nearly always blowing a gale, otherwise known as a 'coastal breeze'. Last year it was cancelled because of the weather, the year before we completed it in a monsoon, and the year before that it rained (different from monsoon I promise!) So to have an evening with full sun and not a hint of wind made it a perfect end to a fantastic term.

We are carrying out final preparations for our summer camp next week, off down to Foxlease for 6 days. (Please wish for us to have more sun!) We are doing two days of our own camp followed by attending the 'Wellies and Wristbands' Guiding festival which is taking part over the weekend. So shopping lists have been drawn up, activities are planned, just got to get my head around the packing next - and not forget my pillow like normal!
We are taking the Guides down on the train, to add a bit more adventure to the week, and to beat the Bank Holiday traffic upon our return. . .

It should be a fantastic week, and the festival sounds like it's going to be a fantastic experience, with over 2000 Guides attending from all over the UK. Even the adults get to join in on the activities, I'm down to do Archery and Crates climbing among many many other things.

I will fill you in on all the fun upon my return, there should be some great tales to share.

I hope you're all having a relaxing summer break, not long till September now . . .


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