Friday, 5 July 2013

So much to write about. . .

Once again it has been a long time since I last wrote a blog. Life is so hectic at the moment having recently started a new job - so settling into the routine of that and my role as Division PR Rep has had me all over the place - I haven't had enough minutes spare to sit down and write. However this evening, as I watch Wimbledon I find myself with enough time to have a bit of a catch up. 

Where do I begin. At the end of May I was very fortunate to go on Brownie Pack Holiday with a lovely unit from the District. I hadn't been on pack holiday since I was a Brownie, so probably around 15 years so I knew this was going to be a challenge as I was now used to dealing with stroppy teenagers not eager little girls. Anyway of we went in the sunshine, off to Blacklands farm. The Brownies had a great week ahead of them, we had loads of activities organised including; Archery, Grass Sledging, a walk, Swimming, Open Canoeing, Bungee Trampolining, Camp Fire and a range of craft activities. The theme for the week was Winnie the Pooh the walk was really an Expotition to the North Pole.
Despite us arriving in the sun, that was the last of it until the day we departed. It rained all week!! However the Brownies were fantastic, any apprehension I had before we went soon disappeared out the window. The Brownies didn't get disheartened one little bit by the rain and carried on like troopers - had it been the Guides or Senior Section I have a feeling it would have been a different story. . . 
We also had a visit from our Regional Commissioner - who looked very stylish in her bread bag shoe covers we provided for her when she came into the cabin :)

The week after this was back to Senior Section and Guides as usual. However at the end of the week I was kindly invited to celebrate a very special evening with another Guide unit - as part of my PR role. One of the Girls from the unit, aged 14, on this evening was awarded the Baden Powell award which she had worked so hard towards, she also was awarded two badges the last two she needed in order to have a full set - this Guide had worked towards and gained ALL 42 badges which are available for a Guide to work towards. And to top it all off she also received the Gold award from the local Lions Club for Community service, which involves completing 100 hours of community service over 12 months. So it was a great honour to be invited to celebrate with her, and it was a lovely evening all round. A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS goes out to her!

Again it was Guides and Senior Section as usual, I have to be honest, I'm struggling to remember some of the activities. The Guides played rounders one evening, had a Zumba instructor come in and teach them, did some craft and played some games. The Senior Section girls, were informed about the Duke of Edinburgh award and the Queens Guide, designed and made outfits from rubbish and played Volleyball.

Some where in the middle of this we also went on a weekend camp with both the Guides and Senior Section girls. The weekends theme was 'I'm a Girlguide get me out of here'.
The weekend was full of 'bushtucker' type trials including taste tests, mystery boxes, and assault courses among many others. The girls were also lucky to go to the river nearby, build rafts and race them. However, because of the wind one group did get blown up river, never fear the instructors soon brought them back . . .
A very rare occurrence happened during camp though. . . it didn't rain during the day time, just during the night when we were snug in our sleeping bags. However it did blow a hooly, but we are fortunate enough that our camp site is tucked down in a nice sheltered little hole. We had a brilliant camp fire too in which the girls each received a letter from home, just like in the jungle, the letters produced some great tales and serious bursts of laughter :)

Now this week is a bit easier to remember, Guides and Senior Section had to be on the same night this week due to the activities taking place. I took the Senior Section girls bowling and out for dinner afterwards. I don't need to say anymore other than that I got thrashed by a girl who had injured her hand and was having to play left handed . . . 
The Guides went sailing, and the tails I heard afterwards was that it was a successful evening with the girls enjoying in. A few uneasy girls to start with but all soon settled into it and enjoyed themselves. And of course there were a few over board :)

Finally on Wednesday I was invited to go along to another Brownie unit to celebrate with them the units 50th Birthday. Due to work commitments I unfortunately wasn't able to get there until the last half hour, however I did arrive in time to hear some great singing from the girls and receive a piece of birthday cake :)

As you can see its been a busy time, but I'll try not to leave it so long before writing the next one :)

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