Sunday, 29 September 2013

The Autumn term is now in full swing . . .

I realised the other day, as usual, that it's been a while since I last wrote a blog. So here goes, the usual memory test as to what's been happening...

Back at the beginning of September I attended Innovate in Cardiff. I was using this for one of the modules for the Queens Guide award which I'm working towards. To be honest I was pretty wary of going, it was so far to trek to the other side of the country to, in my eyes, 'tick off another module'. However I bucked up my ideas and set off. I had arranged, through the facebook group for the event, to meet up with a few other girls at Cardiff station. Girls I'd never met before, but we all exchanged numbers and agreed to met once we had arrived. Surprisingly enough this all went to plan, we all arrived at generally the same time, had a quick introduction and then headed off to find the train station together. The girls were lovely and I could tell I was in for a great weekend. 
I had a brilliant weekend! It was so much fun and everyone I met was friendly and happy to have a chat. I took part in a number of activities including a basic sign language class, took part in discussions about future events, and recruiting girls from disadvantaged areas. Every night there was a disco. . . with quite possibly the worst DJ ever, however it was a great laugh and the second night was fancy dress. You had to come dressed as what you wanted to be when you were younger, and so I went along as a trucker . . . :) 

It was a fantastic experience and I couldn't recommend it enough to anyone who is old enough to attend and promote it to younger girls so that they are aware of it for when they get to that age. I have made lots of new friends and hope to keep in touch with them all. xx

So everything has returned to normal (or as normal as it can be!)Guides and Senior Section is back on. So far this term, firstly, the Senior section girls have had an evening of team building, due to us having 5 new girls joining the group, planning their term, making milkshakes, and starting decoupage frames which look like they will turn out really well. They have also planned to do a night walk one evening, Zumba, decorate Christmas baubles, do some baking and finishing off the term with an evening of Ice Skating. 
The Guides have had a bit of a mix up with us sadly losing a leader and gaining about 5 new girls. So we've had a move around of patrols, sorting the girls into suitable groups. The girls also arranged three future nights of activities for their patrols, working to the Go For Its! We've had one evening of this so far which was successful. There was a wide variety of activities happening including making Gazpacho, punch, boats from rubbish, and henna hands. Last week the girls attended an evening with the local Rock Choir. It was a great success, we all sang along to Bruno Mars and it really did sound great at the end with everyone coming together.   
They also have a fantastic term planned, with activities including a sleepover, quiz night, craft and much more. 

Here's to a great Autumn term, good luck everyone.


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